Report Builder Sign-In

Information about the three ways to sign in to Report Builder.

Currently, the following login options are available when you click Sign In to Report Builder.


Use this login if you want to sign in to Report Builder using your Adobe Analytics credentials.

Report Builder login - field definitions

Field Definition
Company The Company login credential that you use for Adobe Analytics.
Username The Username login that you use for Adobe Analytics. Scheduled tasks for a user are linked to the username. You can view your scheduled tasks from any computer if you log in to report builder with the same login credentials.
Password Your Analytics password.
Remember me Login information is encrypted and stored in a user profile file on the machine where Report Builder is installed. Because login information is saved, anyone using the same PC as the report creator who opens a spreadsheet containing a report can refresh and edit the data. If you share your computer with others and you wish to keep the spreadsheet data private, do not enable this option. To disable your automatic login setting, click Log in With Different Credentials on the Toolbar and disable Remember Me.
Use a Proxy Server Enable if you are accessing the Internet through a proxy server and are required to provide a proxy username and password.

Single sign-on

This (legacy) single sign-on logs you in to Adobe Analytics only, not the entire Experience Cloud.

You can also type in a domain and the system will recognize the domain and redirect you to your company’s sign-in page to log in to Adobe Analytics.

Experience Cloud

The Experience Cloud login lets you use your Enterprise ID (email and password) to log in to the Adobe Experience Cloud. Click Sign In > Sign in with an Enterprise ID to be redirected to your company’s single sign-on page. For more information on Enterprise ID, click here.


The Experience Cloud login is session based and the token expires after 30 days.

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