Offline mode for creating and editing requests

Offline mode returns placeholder data to speed up the process of creating and editing requests.

When you create or edit new request, Report API calls are made to retrieve the response. This slows down the request creation process, because you have to wait for the data to return before going to the next step. Offline mode returns placeholder data only, so no API calls have to be made.

To enable offline mode:

  1. Click Options in the Report Builder menu.

    Offline mode

  2. Check the checkbox next to Turn on offline mode for creating and editing requests.

  3. In the Display Metric Data as field, enter the placeholder data that you want returned in your request. For example, enter “1”.

  4. Click OK.

  5. Now create and run your request (in offline mode) using the Request Wizard.

  6. Your request with “1” as the placeholder data will look similar to this:

    Offline mode example


    Make sure that you disable Offline Mode before running your requests with real data. To do so, just go back to Options and remove the checkmark.

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