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You can filter on dimensions that you add to the Row Labels grid. Filters narrow the data returned by requests and can be applied from the Pivot or Custom Layouts. When you configure dimension filtering from the Pivot Layout, you can additionally specify the number of entries from cell.

The selected filter form is populated based on the element & metric that is selected in the Report Builder request.

Define filter - values and special characters

Information about filters in the Most Popular Filter > Define Filter panel.

Screenshot showing the Define Filter dialogue with options to Filter by Application, User, and Project.

The following tables provide examples and information about filters:

Filter Description Example Filter Match Results

Contains all terms

Contains every space-delimited value in any order.

a b c

Matches a b cand b a c, and so on.

Contains any term

Contains at least one of the filters (space-delimited).


Matches A1, B2, C3, but not D4.

Contains the phrase

Contains the search filter and possibly other terms.


Matches abc and abc def.

Does not contain any term

Returns everything unless it contains a value you enter.

a b c

Matches d e f but not c d e f.

Does not contain the phrase

Returns everything that does not contain your phrase.


Excludes abc, abc def and matches def


Returns an exact match.


abc is returned, and nothing else.

Does not equal

Returns anything that does not exactly match your entry.


Does not match a.

Matches a b c.

Matches abc.

Starts with

Returns results that start with a specific value.


Matches abcd but not 1abc

Ends with

Returns results that end with the specific value.


Matches wxyz but not wxyz0

Advanced (special characters)

Lets you regex characters:

"", ^, -, *, $, |

"^Home*Page$" | sports

This defines a filter that starts with Home, and then looks for zero or more characters, and then ends with Page.

Also, any page with sports in it.

A few example matches:

  • HomePage
  • Home and (other characters) Page
  • Home sports
  • sports Page
  • sports
  • xyz sports abc
Special Characters Purpose Notes
" " Equals

Not escaped unless it is not paired with another quote. For example, 17" Display is not a phrase.

* Wildcard

Same as the asterisk used in a regular expression.

^ Starts with
$ Ends with
- Not
| Or

Supported only in the Advanced (special characters) filter.

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