Filter Path Reports by Adding Dependent Requests

Last update: 2023-08-09
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Describes how to create path reports with predefined filters.

Marketing Reports & Analytics offers a few standalone reports that are top path reports with predefined filters, such as Next and Previous Site Section reports, Entry and Exit Site Section reports, and Single Site Section report.

Report Builder does not offer these as standalone reports, but you can create them through the Add dependent request > Path context menus. The following reports are available:

  • Path > Page Fallout
  • Path > Entry Path
  • Path > Exit Path
  • Path > Next Page
  • Path > Entry Path > next Page
  • Path > Previous Page
  • Path > Exit Path > Previous Page
  • Path > Entry Path > As Entry Page
  • Path > Exit Path > As Exit Page
  1. Select multiple rows from an existing request, then right-click Add Dependent Request > Path. You must select at least three rows if you want to see the Page Fallout menu item.

    Screenshot showing three selected rows with the Add Dependent Request option selected.

  2. Select the predefined filter, for example Previous Page.

    The Request Wizard appears, with the Previous Page metric already selected. 1. Continue to refine your request in the Request Wizard and generate your request.

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