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Last update: 2022-03-16
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Displays web page traffic and ranks page views in real time, so that you can more quickly understand what is trending on your site.

For real-time reporting, Analytics uses high-frequency metrics and site analytics to visually report traffic and page view trending of dynamic news and retail web sites. Real-time understands trends in your data from minute to minute, within seconds of collection. It collects and streams data to the interface, using real-time correlation and tracking of content and some conversion.

You can:

  • Create up to three real-time reports per report suite, using existing metrics, dimensions, and classifications. Use the secondary dimensions to correlate with (or break down) the primary one.
  • Add three dimensions (or classifications) per report (one primary and two secondary), in addition to site-wide metrics.
  • Use any custom event, shopping cart event, or instance.
  • View up to 20 hours of historical, real-time data.

Real-time respects permissions for users and groups. For example, if you do not have rights to see revenue, you cannot view a real-time report that includes revenue data. eVars (conversion metrics) are not supported. Real-Time permissions are enabled in the Admin Tools.


Real-Time Reports are not the same as the Include Current Data (Data Recency) feature released previously, which reduced latency for standard reporting, by displaying data before it is finalized.

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