Analytics Reporting API Comparison

A comparison table for Analytics reporting APIs. Links to supporting documentation are provided.


Regarding latency, Analytics for Target (A4T) combines Analytics and Target data on the same hit for integrated reporting. Because Analytics and Target calls occur at different times, hits are stored before any processing occurs to collect data from both solutions. This process adds an additional 7-10 minutes of latency to all checkpoints.

API Type Fully Processed Real-Time Livestream Data Warehouse
Description Fully-processed, finalized data that is available in all Analytics interfaces. Partially-processed, limited metrics available within seconds of collection. Partially-processed hit data available within seconds of collection. Fully-processed, finalized data that is used for pulling large data exports.


30-90 Minutes * Seconds -10 minutes Seconds -10 minutes 90 minutes +
Processing Completion Full Partial Partial Full
Reporting Interfaces Analysis Workspace, Reports & Analytics, Report Builder, API Real-time report in Reports & Analytics, Report Builder, 1.4 API API only Data Warehouse & API
Data Granularity Summarized Summarized Hit level Summarized
Visitor Profile Processing Yes No No Yes
Supports Segments Yes No No Yes (but only Data Warehouse compatible segments)

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