Undo and redo settings

Workspace > Project > Undo/Redo

  • The Redo option (to redo an undo) is in the Edit menu.

  • Clicking Save does not clear the Undo stack.

  • New Project or Open Existing Project clear the Undo stack

  • You can undo/redo changing the report suite.

  • An undo/redo message displays near the project name - it indicates when an undo or redo is in progress.

  • You can use these hotkeys:

    • CTRL(CMD)+Z for Undo
    • CTRL(CMD)+SHIFT+Z for Redo

What you can undo and redo

  • Curation
  • Clear All
  • Time Period
  • Contribution Analysis
  • Segment Comparison
  • Project name
  • Report Suite selection
  • Add/Remove visualization
  • Collapse/Expand panel or visualization
  • Insert using hotkeys (CTRL(CMD)+Z for Undo), (CTRL(CMD)+SHIFT+Z for Redo)
  • Insert panel
  • Right-click panel options (Duplicate Panel, Collapse All Panels, Expand All Panels, Collapse All Viz in Panel,Expand all Viz in Panel, Edit Description of Panel)
  • Changes to Freeform panel
  • Visualization size, panel size, visualization position changes
  • Freeform right-click options
  • Selection
  • Visualization legend selection
  • Adding a segment to a panel
  • Visualization settings on charts
  • Editing legend labels
  • Magic visualization
  • Data Source settings
  • Fallout touchpoint & visualization settings
  • Flow Node changes & visualization settings
  • Histogram & visualization settings
  • Venn & visualization settings
  • Cohort ( Undo granularity change, Undo add or change of Inclusion Metric and Return Metric, Undo Reset, Undo Run Report)
  • Start Over for Flow, Venn and Histogram
  • Edit Description
  • Duplicate visualization

What you cannot undo and redo

  • Project Info & Settings changes (Add Tags, Description Changes, Count Repeat Instances Setting)
  • Set as Landing Page
  • Add New (Segment/Metric/Date Range/Alert)
  • Share Project, Get Project Link, Send File (Now or Schedule)
  • Create Segment for this path on Flow Visualization
  • Create Calculated Metric
  • Create Date Range

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