Save projects

To save your changes to a project, go to the Workspace Project menu. Workspace also auto-saves projects in certain cases.

Save project options

There are different save actions you can take under the Project menu, depending on how you want to access your analysis in the future.

Action Description
Save Save changes to your project. If the project is shared, recipients of the project will also see the changes. When you first save your project, you are prompted to give the project a name, (optional) description and add (optional) tags.
Save with notes Before your project saves, add notes about what changed in the project. Notes are stored with the project version and are available to all editors under Project > Open previous version.
Save as Create a duplicate of your project. The original project will not be affected.
Save as template Save your project as a custom template that becomes available to your organization under Project > New


Existing projects, i.e. projects that have been saved at least once before, are auto-saved every two minutes to your local machine. New projects that have never been saved are not currently auto-saved.

There are a few scenarios that may lead you away from unsaved changes to a project, resulting in different available actions.

Open another Workspace project

Adobe provides the option to save before leaving the page. After leaving an existing project, the auto-saved local copy is deleted.

The browser warns that unsaved changes will be lost. You can choose to leave or cancel.

Browser crashes or session times out

For existing projects, upon returning to Workspace, you will see a Project recovery modal. Selecting “Yes” restores the project from the auto-saved local copy. “No” deletes the auto-saved local copy and opens the last user-saved version of the project.

For new projects that have never been saved, unsaved changes are not recoverable.

Open previous version


Previous project versions are currently in limited release.

To open a previous version of a project:

  1. Go to Project > Open previous version

  2. Review the list of prior versions available.
    Timestamp and Editor are shown, in addition to Notes if they were added when the Editor saved. Versions without notes are stored for 90 days; versions with notes are stored for 1 year.

  3. Select a previous version and click Load.
    The previous version then loads with a notification. The previous version does not become the current saved version of your project until you click Save. If you navigate away from the loaded version, when you return, you will see the last saved version of the project.

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