Products reports


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Displays information about the things you are selling, distributing, or displaying on your website. You can see data on orders or downloads for your products, applications, or content.

Products Conversion Funnel

Shows averages for the Product Views, Cart Additions, Orders, Revenue, and Units metrics. It also shows key conversions between important data in each reporting group and standard conversion metrics (Orders, Units, and Revenue). The top (overview) of the funnel provides a visual summary of conversion data. The funnel section shows statistics for all events in the overview section based on Orders and up to two other metrics, such as Revenue and Units.

To add metrics and custom events from other reporting groups, click a Selected Events link in the report header.

Because the current time periods are not yet completed when you view data, this report can indicate a downward trend from the previous to the current time period. For example, there can be fewer visits today than yesterday, but only because the rest of the time period’s statistics have yet to occur.


Shows how various product categories affect your site’s success metrics.

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