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Dimensions are descriptions or characteristics of metric data that can be viewed, broken down, and compared in a report. They are non-numeric values and dates that correlate, sub-relate, or are a classification of the original report type metric.

Examples of dimensions include:

  • Page, page names
  • Products
  • Gender
  • Month
  • Age
  • Day, week, month, etc.
  • Loyalty
  • Monitor resolution
  • Custom eVars and s.prop values

Dimensions Pane

The Dimension pane lists and organizes all the product dimensions from your marketing reports and analytics implementation. You can base reports on any dimension item. You can break down dimensions by other dimensions to analyze and compare nearly anything.

In the Dimensions pane, you can search for dimensions and drag them to the Table Builder or the report detail table.

You can sort them based on the following categories:

Dimension Category Description
Traffic Includes browser items, Target campaigns, geography, custom links, custom traffic properties, domains, downloads, referrers, referring domains, and so on.
Conversion Includes campaigns, categories, custom eVars, products, tracking code, and so on.
Props Includes custom traffic properties, such as entry and exit pages.
Evars Includes eVars used as success metrics in data collection.
Hierarchy Includes variables from hierarchies, used to determine the location of a page in your site’s hierarchy.
Pathable Includes any item that can be shown in a path, such as pages, download links, exit links, keywords, and referring domains.

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