Enable Activity Map

Explains the steps the Analytics Admin needs to complete to enable Activity Map link collection and user download.

Step 1. Update your implementation code

The Activity Map module is part of the AppMeasurement.js and the Web SDK (version 2.15.0 or higher).
The AppMeasurement library or Web SDK will load the Activity Map module when instantiated.


Activity Map data cannot be collected unless you update to AppMeasurement version 1.6 or higer or Web SDK version 2.15.0 or higher

  1. Download the latest Javascript library depending whether you are using AppMeasurement or Web SDK.

    • AppMeasurement code (AppMeasurement_Javascript-1.6.zip) by going to Analytics > Admin > All admin > Code manager and implement it.

      We have included some sample implementation code to help you visualize the changes that have been made to the code by including the Activity Map module.

    • Web SDK code (alloy.js). See Install the SDK - Option 2: Installing the prebuilt standalone version for more information. Ensure you use version 2.15 or later.

      See Track links for information on how to implement link tracking and how to enable Activity Mapping by capturing the region of the clicked HTML element.


      Enabling link tracking with Web SDK currently sends link events when a customer navigates from one page to the next. This is different from how AppMeasurement works and can potentially result in extra billable hits sent to Adobe.

  2. Validate the implementation:

    1. When a clickable element is clicked, data will be stored in a cookie named s_sq.

    2. The Activity Map data can be seen in the query-string on the tracking call. For example:

      …&c.&a.&Activity Map.&link=My%20Link&region=My%20Region&page=My%20Page&.Activity Map&.a&.c&...
  3. Break this report down by Activity Map Link by Region to see the link/region for that page:

Step 2. Enable Activity Map reports

First, you need to enable Activity Map reports at a report-suite level.

  1. Log in to Adobe Analytics and navigate to Analytics > Admin > Report Suites > Select report suite > Edit Settings > Activity Map > Activity Map Reporting .

  2. Activity Map collects the link data in Activity Map reports. For the activation to happen, you must first activate the variables by clicking Enable Activity Map Reports.

    This step adds all the Analytics dimensions that you need to collect data.

  3. After about an hour, check the Activity Map Page report, which shows all the pages where users clicked on a link.

Step 3. Add users to Activity Map access group

  1. Click Add Users to Group.

    This will take you to the group management page in the Admin Console.

  2. Add users to this group and Save Group.

  3. This allow your Admin users to download Activity Map from Adobe Analytics > Tools > ActivityMap .


If you want non-admin users to download Activity Map, create a new user group that provides permission to ‘Tools’ and ‘Legacy ClickMap Installation’. This level of permission combined with the Activity Map Access provides permissions to download and use the tool.

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