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The Page Details tab displays the Page Report as a table and the Page Flow Report is shown as a bow tie (butterfly) report.

Page report

This panel shows traffic metrics related to the web page that is visited. If you go to a web page that does not have the Analytics page tag implemented, the Panel will not be shown.

Page Flow report

The left side shows the Previous Pages and Referrers (external), which can be alternatively expanded to show the top four entries for each category.

The right side shows the top four Next Pages, and the number of exits.

If a URL was tracked for any internal pages displayed in this section, the page will be displayed as a link. Thus, you can click on that page and continue down the path of pages with the most affinity. This report thus allows you to interactively navigate your web properties from a web analytics perspective.

The Page Flow Report is available only in Standard Mode.

Page Flow Description
External Referrers URL of other sites referring to the current page.
Previous Pages Names the internal page in the report suite before the current page.
Next Pages The page visited after leaving the current page.
Site Exits Number who left the site completely after viewing the page.

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