Add a user group


User and product management is moving to the Admin Console. Adobe will notify you when it is your time to migrate users. After all customers have migrated, help content for Analytics > Admin > All admin > User management will be retired.

Steps that describe how to add a user group.

  1. Click Analytics > Admin > All admin > User management.

  2. Click Add New User Group, then complete the fields and options described in Define User Groups.

    Quick links:

    • Analytics Tools: Enable user permissions for General items (billing, logs, etc.), Company Management, Tools, Web Service Access, Report Builder, and Data Connectors integration.
    • Report Suite Tools: Enable user permissions for API Access, Report Suite Management, Tools and Reports, and Dashboard Items.
    • Metrics: Enable permissions for traffic, conversion, custom events, solution events, content aware, and so on.
    • Dimensions: Customize user access at a granular level, including eVars, traffic reports, solution reports, and pathing reports.
  3. Click Save Group to create the group and return to the Groups page.

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