Assign user groups to a report suite


User and product management is moving to the Admin Console. Adobe will notify you when it is your time to migrate users. After all customers have migrated, help content for Analytics > Admin > All admin > User management will be retired.

Steps that describe how to assign user groups to a report suite.

The Report Suites page lets you view and configure company report suites. Analytics manages report suite access through group membership. For first-time setup, create the needed groups (assigning report suites to each group), then assign user accounts to the appropriate groups.

  1. Click Analytics > Admin > All admin > User management.

  2. Click Report Suites.

  3. Select a report suite.

  4. Under Report Suite Permissions Management page, select the groups to assign to the report suite:

    Available Groups: Displays all currently defined groups. Select the desired groups, then click Add. The assigned groups appear in the Group Containing field (on the right).

    Group Containing: Displays all groups currently assigned to the report suite. To remove a group, select it, then click Remove.

  5. Click Save Changes.

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