Customize metric permissions


User and product management is moving to the Admin Console. Adobe will notify you when it is your time to migrate users. After all customers have migrated, help content for Analytics > Admin > All admin > User management will be retired.

Enable permissions for traffic metrics, conversion metrics, custom events, solution events, and content aware.

User Management > Groups > Report Access > Metrics > Customize

The settings on the Customize Metrics page apply to the report suites selected on the Define User Groups page.

Solution Events

In addition to Custom Events, this category includes Analytics solution events, including Experience Manager (AEM), Advertising Cloud (AMO), Mobile, Video, and Social.). Every custom group with any metrics will have all Analytics solution events added as new metrics.

You can set permissions to Custom Events and Analytics solution events (AEM, AMO, Mobile, Video, and Social).

Every custom group with any metrics will have all Analytics Solution events added as new metrics.

See Metrics overview for information about metrics used in Analytics.

Content Aware

Content Aware includes variables that let you manage the permissions on metrics related to Experience Cloud solution integrations. You can manage permissions on Social, Mobile, or any other data that was inserted through a Experience Cloud integration. These will be enabled by default.

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