Customize Analytics Tools permissions


User and product management has moved to the Admin Console. Adobe will notify you when it is your time to migrate users. After all customers have migrated, help content for Analytics > Admin > All admin > User management will be retired.

Enable user permissions for General items (billing, logs, etc.), Company Management, Tools, Web Service Access, Report Builder, and Data Connectors integration.

User Management > Groups > All Report Access > Analytics Tools > Customize


The Fall 2016 release (October 20) brought changes to group management. See Administrative Changes - Fall 2016 for a summary of changes.

Report Access - Analytics Tools

Click Customize to select items to which this group will have access.

Field Descriptions

The settings on this page pertain to the report suites selected on the Define User Groups page.

Element Description
Code Manager Enables permission to download data collection code for web and mobile platforms.
Code Manager - Web Services Allows a non-administrative user to access the Code Manager through Web Services.
Logs Enables permission to log files, which help you see when users log in, their usage, access, report suites, and Admin changes.
Logs - Web Services Allows a non-administrative user to access the Admin Tools logs through Web Services.
Traffic Management Traffic Management page lets you specify expected traffic volume changes.
Permission Management Grants non-admin users access to the User Management pages in Admin Tools. These users have Read permissions but do not have Write permissions.
Permissions (Write) - Web Services Grants non-administrative users read and write permission settings under User Management in Web Services.
This setting refers specifically to the indicated permissions actions in the Admin API.
Permissions (Read) - Web Services Allows a non-administrative user to view permission settings under User Management in Web Services.
This setting refers specifically to the indicated permissions actions in the Admin API.
Company Management
Security Grants permission to the Security Manager page to control access to reporting data. Options include strong passwords, password expiration, IP login restrictions, and email domain restrictions.
Support Information Grants permission to the Support Information in Company Settings.
Web Services Allows access to the Web Services page in the Admin Tools interface (Company Settings > Web Services).
The Web Services API provides programmatic access to Adobe Analytics services that let you duplicate and augment functionality available through the user interface.
Single Sign-On (Legacy) Grants access to the single sign-on page in Admin Tools.
Note: Single sign-on in the Adobe Experience Cloud is implemented using account linking between the Experience Cloud and solutions.
Pending Actions Grants permission to manage pending actions in Company Settings.
Co-Branding Grants permission to co-brand Analytics.
Preferences Grants permission to the Preference Manager.
Hide Report Suites Grants permission to hide report suites in the Adobe Analytics user interface.
Tools These settings grant access to Analytics tools (interfaces and applications) and advanced capabilities like segmentation and calculated metrics.
Current Data Grants permission to use the Current Data feature in reporting.
Web Service Access Enables Web Services access for non-administrators. Generates Web Service credentials.
Report Builder Grants members of this group access to Report Builder licenses.
Analysis Workspace Access Grants users access to Analysis Workspace, the recommended reporting interface for Adobe Analytics.
Reports & Analytics Grants users access to Reports & Analytics.
Calculated Metric Creation Grants users permission to create calculated metrics.
Segment Creation Grants users permission to create segments.
Data Connectors
Integrations (Create, Update, or Delete) Grants permission to create, update, and delete Data Connector integrations.

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