Simplified reports menu

Steps to implement the simplified reports menu in Reports and Analytics.

The simplified Adobe Reports & Analytics menu lets you choose to apply an alternate and simplified menu with restructured folders underneath. The simplified menu displays these options by default:


Be aware that applying the simplified menu removes all customization you may have made to the default menu structure. It also implements the simplified menu structure for all marketing reports and analytics users in your organization. Think carefully about the ramifications (such as training developed around your existing menu structure) before implementing this new menu, as you cannot revert to any customization in your existing menu structure.

  1. Navigate to Analytics > Admin > Report Suites to open the Report Suite Manager.

  2. Select the report suite for which you want to implement the simplified menu structure.

  3. Go to Edit settings > General > Customize Menus.

  4. Click Restore Simplified to implement the simplified menu structure.

  5. To go back to the (non-customized) default menu, click Restore Defaults.

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