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Last update: 2022-12-08
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Provides common settings for a website that provides product support articles and videos.

Conversion Variables Type Subrelations Allocation Expiration s_code variable
Internal Promotion String Basic Most Recent (Last) Visit evar1
Internal Search Terms String Basic Most Recent (Last) Visit evar2
Self-Service Event Type String Basic Most Recent (Last) Visit evar3

No success events are configured by this report suite template.

Custom Insight Variables s_code variable
Secure / Non-Secure prop1
Traffic Property 2 - 5 prop2, prop3, prop4, prop5

The following table contains a list of the standard commerce events. Initial configuration for these events is identical in all report suite templates. Events with an s_code variable of N/A do not need to be set, they are provided automatically.

Standard Commerce Events Type s_code variable
Revenue Counter purchase
Orders Counter purchase
Units Counter purchase
Carts Counter scOpen
Cart Views Counter scView
Instances Counter N/A
Checkouts Counter scCheckout
Cart Additions Counter scAdd
Cart Removals Counter scRemove
Visits Counter (no subrelations) N/A
Page Views Counter (no subrelations) N/A
Daily Unique Visitors Counter (no subrelations) N/A
Unique Visitors Counter (no subrelations) N/A

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