Estimate past server calls and schedule a traffic spike

You can get, say, last year’s daily server call average during a specific time frame, plus an expected increase in server call volume for this year. You can then schedule a traffic spike based on this multiplication factor.

  1. Log in to Analytics as an Admin and go to Admin > All admin > Traffic management.

  2. Click Expand to expanding the report suite list and click Select Report Suites to select multiple report suites.

  3. Click Schedule Spikes.

  4. Under Past Server Calls, select a start and end date for the selected report suites.

    The amount for Peak Day, Peak Day Server Calls and Daily Average of Server Calls is generated.

  5. Input a value for the multiplication factor and click Click to multiply and set.

    The value for each of the columns is multiplied for each report suite.

  6. Under Set Spike Parameters, submit the spike parameters for the selected report suites.

    The spike is now scheduled for each selected report suite.

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