Specify permanent traffic increase

The Permanent Traffic sections lets you change expected traffic levels so Adobe can reassign resources to handle the new traffic level.

Please read the information about Required Lead Time for Traffic Increases before you specify a permanent traffic increase.

  1. Open the Report Suite Manager by clicking Analytics > Admin > All admin > Report suites.

  2. Select a report suite.

  3. Click Edit Settings > Traffic Management > Permanent Traffic.

  4. In the New Expected Daily Page Views field, specify the total expected daily page views for the new traffic level.

    Make sure to specify the total expected page views, not just the additional page views.

  5. In the Effective Date field, specify the date when you expect the new traffic level to start, then click Submit.


    To schedule a permanent traffic increase, include a phone number in your user contact information so that Adobe can contact you with questions, if needed.

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