Configure success events

Steps that describe how to configure success events.

  1. Click Analytics > Admin > Report Suites.

  2. Select a report suite.

  3. Click Edit Settings > Conversion > Success Events.

    Step Result

  4. In the Name column, select the checkbox next each item to enable editing, then specify the desired name.

  5. In the Type column, select the checkbox next each item to enable the drop-down list, then select the desired type.


    Before you change an event type, see Change event type.

    See Success Events Page - Descriptions for information about these elements.

  6. In the Polarity column, specify whether an upward trend for this metric is good or bad.

  7. In the Visibility column, you can hide standard (built-in) metrics, custom events, and built-in events in the Menu, Metric Selectors, Calculated Metrics Builder, and the Segment Builder.

    This setting does not impact the data collection for that metric or event; it affects only its visibility in the user interface. More…

  8. Provide a description.

  9. Check whether to always record the event.

  10. Enable or disable participation metrics.


    You can enable participation for up to 100 custom events. Beyond that, you can create participation metrics in the Calculated Metrics builder.

  11. Click Save.

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