Current Customer Journey Analytics (CJA) release notes (July 2022)

Last update: August 5, 2022

Key features

Feature Description Targeted Date
Support for numeric fields as lookup keys and lookup values Useful if you want to classify string values with a numeric field such as a COGS or margin on a product SKU. Allowing metrics from lookups helps you get these data points into reporting. Learn more July 20, 2022
Audience publishing to Real-time Customer Profile Allows you to publish audiences discovered in CJA to Adobe Experience Platform/Real-time Customer Profile for customer targeting and personalization. Learn more August 5, 2022
Media Concurrent Viewer panel Understand where peak concurrency occurred or where drop-offs happened. Get valuable insight into the quality of content and viewer engagement, and help with troubleshooting or planning for volume and scale. Learn more August 9, 2022
Media Playback Time Spent panel Media Playback Time Spent provides valuable insight into viewer engagement and enables media organizations to derive deeper, more granular insights with minute-by-minute user engagement through advanced time spent analysis with day-parting capabilities. You can observe the amount of time spent viewing your media streams at a specific point in time. You can split the playback duration by different granularities, including new 5 minute, 15 minute, and 30-minute granularities. Learn more August 9, 2022
First vs. Repeat Session Reporting You can now discover if a particular session was a user’s first-ever session. Learn more August 17, 2022


AN-288455; AN-288828; AN-289323

Important notices for CJA Administrators

Notice Notice added or Updated Description
Improved IP-to-geolocation mapping July 11, 2022 Adobe’s vendor for IP lookups, Digital Element, is upgrading to a new improved dataset (NetAcuity Pulse) for IP-to-geolocation mapping. Adobe Analytics will adopt this new dataset in the October, 2022, timeframe. The new database will be more accurate than previous versions. Some IP-to-geo mappings will change/improve when the new database is adopted.

CJA data provided through the Analytics Source Connector will also automatically take advantage of the new mappings.

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