2022 Customer Journey Analytics release notes

July 2022

Feature Description Targeted Date
Support for numeric fields as lookup keys and lookup values Useful if you want to classify string values with a numeric field such as a COGS or margin on a product SKU. Allowing metrics from lookups helps you get these data points into reporting. Learn more July 20, 2022
Audience publishing to Real-time Customer Profile Allows you to publish audiences discovered in CJA to Adobe Experience Platform/Real-time Customer Profile for customer targeting and personalization. Learn more August 5, 2022
Media Concurrent Viewer panel Understand where peak concurrency occurred or where drop-offs happened. Get valuable insight into the quality of content and viewer engagement, and help with troubleshooting or planning for volume and scale. Learn more August 9, 2022
Media Playback Time Spent panel Media Playback Time Spent provides valuable insight into viewer engagement and enables media organizations to derive deeper, more granular insights with minute-by-minute user engagement through advanced time spent analysis with day-parting capabilities. You can observe the amount of time spent viewing your media streams at a specific point in time. You can split the playback duration by different granularities, including new 5 minute, 15 minute, and 30-minute granularities. Learn more August 9, 2022
First vs. Repeat Session Reporting You can now discover if a particular session was a user’s first-ever session. Learn more August 17, 2022

June 2022

Feature Description Targeted Date
New Flow visualization UI Provides additional functionality to our Flow visualization to make it more powerful and capable. Learn more Rollout starts June 15, 2022; GA by June 27 or 28, 2022
Analytics labs in CJA Support Labs in CJA so you can explore prototypes with cross-channel data. Learn more June 15, 2022
Share annotations in Mobile scorecards You can display annotations that are created in Workspace—in Mobile Scorecards. This allows you to share contextual data nuances and insights about your organization and campaigns directly within Mobile Scorecard projects, viewable in the Analytics dashboards mobile app. Learn more June 15, 2022

May 2022

Feature Description Targeted Date
New Connection edit and creation UI This streamlined experience lets you backfill data at the dataset level, enable a rolling data retention window, add to and remove datasets from a connection. Learn more May 18, 2022
Report Builder for CJA updates Includes features such as scheduling and data block manager. Learn more May 18, 2022

April 2022

Feature Description Targeted Date
Dimension substrings Provides multiple methods to extract the desired part of a string for use as dimension items. This feature also allows you to treat a string dimension as an array if the string contains delimited values. Learn more April 20, 2022
Data prep for Analytics Source Connector The Analytics Source Connector is now integrated with the Data Prep capabilities provided by Adobe Experience Platform. Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform (RTCDP), CJA and Adobe Journey Optimizer (AJO) customers can now extend the Analytics field group with additional field groups. They can also leverage 100+ Data Prep operators to enrich the Analytics data during ingestion into Adobe Experience Platform (AEP). RTCDP Customers can now enable multiple Data Prep-enabled report suites for Profile.

CJA customers who ingest multiple report suites via the Analytics Source Connector now have a means to deconflict column differences between report suites. For example, if “Search Term” is stored in eVar1 in one report suite and in eVar2 in another report suite, using Data Prep you can extend the Analytics field group with a new column that merges the values from the two eVars.

April 27, 2022

March 2022

Feature Description Targeted Date
Annotations in Workspace Annotations in Workspace enable you to effectively communicate contextual data nuances and insights to your organization. Learn more Gradual rollout starts March 23, 2022
New Customer Journey Analytics landing page The landing page for Customer Journey Analytics features a project manager home page and a learning section to help you with getting started more effectively. Learn more April 1, 2022
Next item or Previous item Workspace panel The Next or Previous item panel allows you to explore items that follow or precede a dimension item of your choice. For example, use it if you want to see the next or previous pages to a specific product page, or marketing channel, or even device type. This panel goes beyond legacy next/previous reporting because it allows you to look at any dimension and does not require any new implementation to get insights. April 20, 2022


  • Fixed a console error when accessing CJA from the Experience Cloud homepage. (AN-281468)

February 2022

Feature Description Targeted Date
Mobile scorecard project preview mode Launch a preview of how your mobile scorecard will look in the Analytics dashboards app, directly from the scorecard builder. The preview mode allows users to interact with filters and charts in the same way they would in the app, allowing them to preview the experience before they save and share the scorecard. Users can also use the device picker in preview mode to see how their scorecard will look on different devices. Learn more February 16, 2022

January 2022

Feature Description Targeted Date
Persistence options for binding dimensions and binding metrics When creating or editing a data view, you can bind the persistence of a dimension to another dimension or metric. This concept is known as merchandising in Adobe Analytics, and is now supported in CJA. Learn more and use case January 19, 2022
First Known and Last Known allocation models These two new allocation models take the first or last observed value for a dimension within a specified persistence scope (session, person, or custom time period with look-back.) Then they apply the allocation model to all events within the specified scope. Learn more January 19, 2022
PersonID and PersonID namespace as dimensions Exposes the personID (or customerID, or whatever ID you are using for merging data sets in a connection) as a dimension in data views. This enhancement makes it easier for you to include the personID as a dimension in your data view by pulling it in from the connection. Learn more January 19, 2022

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