Scheduled projects manager


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Manage scheduled Analysis Workspace projects.

Analytics > Components > Scheduled Projects.

In the Scheduled Projects Manager, you can edit and delete recurring project deliveries. You can create delivery schedules that send your reports via email to a specified address. You can configure these schedules to automatically send the reports at specified intervals for a duration of time or indefinitely, or stop the delivery of a recurring project.

The Scheduled Projects Manager shows the items that a specific user has created. If the user account is disabled in the application, all scheduled deliveries stop.

  • Edit scheduled projects.

  • View a project’s Schedule ID (used mainly for debugging purposes).

  • Search for scheduled projects.

  • Tag scheduled projects.

  • Specify/change the owner of a scheduled projects.

  • Add other filters, such as Approved, Failed, Favorites, Mine, Show All, and Expired Projects.

  • Define a scheduled projects expiration date.

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