Add global lookups to your datasets

Global lookups enhance the ability of Customer Journey Analytics to report on some dimensions/attributes that are not useful by themselves but are useful when joined with other data. Examples include attributes of mobile devices, and attributes of OS and Browser dimensions, such as browser version numbers. A ‘Global Lookup’ is similar to a lookup data set. Global lookups are applicable across Experience Cloud organizations. They are automatically applied to all event datasets that contain certain XDM schema fields (see below for the specific fields.) A global lookup dataset exists for each schema location that Adobe is classifying.

In traditional Adobe Analytics, these dimensions show up on their own, whereas in CJA, you have to actively include these dimensions when you create data views. In the Connections workflow, you select a dataset that is flagged as one with a key for global lookup. The Data Views UI automatically knows to include all the global lookup dimensions as available for reporting. The lookup files are automatically kept up to date and available, across all regions and for all accounts. They are stored in region-specific organizations associated with the customer.

Use global lookups with Adobe Data Connector datasets

Global lookup datasets automatically get applied at report time. If you use the Analytics Data Connector and you bring in a dimension for which Adobe provides a global lookup, we automatically apply this global lookup. If an event dataset contains XDM fields, we can apply global lookups to it.

Available global lookup fields

  • browser
    • browser, group_id, id
  • browser_group
    • browser_group, id
  • os
    • os, group_id, id
  • os_group
    • os_group, id
  • mobile_audio_support - multi
  • mobile_color_depth
  • mobile_cookie_support
  • mobile_device_name
  • mobile_device_number_transmit
  • mobile_device_type
  • mobile_drm - multi
  • mobile_image_support - multi
  • mobile_information_services
  • mobile_java_vm - multi
  • mobile_mail_decoration
  • mobile_manufacturer
  • mobile_max_bookmark_url_length
  • mobile_max_browser_url_length
  • mobile_max_mail_url_length
  • mobile_net_protocols - multi
  • mobile_os
  • mobile_push_to_talk
  • mobile_screen_height
  • mobile_screen_size
  • mobile_screen_width
  • mobile_video_support - multi

Report on global lookup dimensions

In order to report on the global lookup dimensions, you have to add them when you create a data view in Customer Journey Analytics:

You can then see the lookup data in Workspace:

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