Manage connections

Once you have created one or more connections, you can manage them in the Connections Manager. You can

  • Delete a connection.
  • Rename a connection.
  • Create a data view from a connection.
  • Start and stop data streaming.

Connections manager

  1. Click the Connections tab.

  2. Select which connection/s you want to edit or manage.

  3. Complete one of the following actions:

    Action Description
    Delete Deleting a connection does not delete the dataset, since the data is still in Adobe Experience Platform. See “Delete connections” below.
    Rename You can rename the connection with a more descriptive name.
    Create Data View This link takes you to the data view builder.
    Start or stop data streaming “Streaming” means that if any new batches are added to any of the datasets in the connection, this new data will be brought into Customer Journey Analytics for reporting.

Delete connections

What if I… This happens
Delete a connection in Customer Journey Analytics? An error message will indicate that:
  • Any data views created for the deleted connection will no longer work.
  • Similarly, any Workspace projects that depend on data views in the deleted connection will cease working.
Delete a dataset in Adobe Experience Platform? Deleting a dataset in AEP will stop data flow from that dataset to any connections that include that dataset. Any data from that dataset is not automatically deleted from associated CJA Connections.
Delete a dataset in Customer Journey Analytics? Currently, you cannot delete a dataset within a connection that has been saved. You would have to delete the whole connection and start over. (However, you can delete a dataset in Adobe Experience Platform.)
Delete a batch from a dataset (in Adobe Experience Platform)? If a batch is deleted from an Adobe Experience Platform dataset, the same batch will be removed from any Customer Journey Analytics connections that contain that specific batch. Customer Journey Analytics is notified of batches that were deleted in Adobe Experience Platform.
Delete a batch while it is being ingested into Customer Journey Analytics? If there is only one batch in the dataset, no data or partial data from that batch will appear in Customer Journey Analytics. The ingestion will be rolled back. If, for example, there are 5 batches in the dataset and 3 of them have already been ingested when the dataset was deleted, data from those 3 batches will appear in Customer Journey Analytics.

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