Analysis Workspace In-Product Tips

Last update: 2023-03-27
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Analysis Workspace Tips provide a quick learning directly in Analysis Workspace, with links to related videos so you can see each tip in action.


Hi, this is Jen Lasser with - Adobe Analytics Product Management. In this video, - I’ll introduce a new feature that we’re calling - In-product Workspace Tips. When you log into - Analysis Workspace, a tip will appear - in the lower right hand corner. Opening up the tip, - we will share a quick, brief tip that will help you - get the most out of Analysis Workspace. For example, here we’ll - show how to easily add a comparison time period - into any Freeform table by simply right - clicking on any column. You’ll be able to learn - more about each tip by clicking Learn - More option here. And it will take you to a Youtube channel, - where you’ll be able to watch a video that - explains the tip in much more details. Tips can be disable at any time - by simply click Disable Tips And that will hide the - tips moving forward. You want to retrieve the tips, - go to the Help menu bar here and click Enable Tip of the Day. That will pop up the Tip again. Dismiss the tips temporarily - by clicking the X, then we’ll share the tip - with you the following week. We intended to put these up to start - on a weekly cadence. So you guys got a lot of use - for these new tips and learn something new. -

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