“Try in Workspace” Button in Reports & Analytics

Last update: 2023-03-27
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Most reports in Reports & Analytics include a Try in Workspace button to allow you to reproduce the current view in Analysis Workspace for further customization.


Hi, I’m Ben Gaines from Adobe Analytics product management. Analysis Workspace is the newest member of Adobe Analytics. But we know that, not everybody knows that it exists, yet. And sometimes, you’re used to Reports and Analytics, you’re used to your reports that you’ve been pulling for a long time, and you want to continue to work with those. So we’ve tried to make it very very easy for you to transition, from working in Reports and Analytics to trying those same things in Analysis Workspace. For those users who have full rights to create new projects in Analysis Workspace. In most reports in Reports and Analytics you will now see, a Try in Workspace button. And when you click this button, this is a good example of, this is just a key metrics report. And if I hit Try in Workspace, I will be taken over to Analysis Workspace and you’ll see that exact report, same metrics, same Date Range. Everything is reproduced here in Analysis Workspace. And from here, I can do any of my fancy Analysis Workspace functions, like for example, I could break down Unique Visitors by a couple of Product Names. Here. So I can immediately start to do things, that I couldn’t do in Reports and Analytics, but I can do them in Analysis Workspace. So that button in Reports and Analytics, becomes a great way for you to take a report that you’re used to and get it into an environment, where you can do a lot more with it, inside Analysis Workspace.

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