Export to CSV from Analysis Workspace

Learn how to export Freeform projects to CSV for Analysis in Excel and other BI tools.


Hello. This is Justin Grover with Adobe Analytics product management, and I’m here to show you a new feature that’s coming out in our June release for the freeform analysis tool. What I want to show you is actually the ability to export as a CSV. So, here I have some analysis that I’ve done. I’ve done some very simple pages, a pages report with a page using unique visitors, and I have also a panel or a table with search engines and the unique visitors. And so, what I want to do is if I go up here and click on the Export button, it will export that as a CSV file. So, I’ll go ahead and save this. And, then if I open it up and look at it, it should look a lot like this. You can see that each of the panels have been exported, and then I can do any of this stuff that I would normally do in Excel with this data. -

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