Send Data Warehouse request via SFTP

Last update: 2023-05-31
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Data warehouse refers to the copy of analytics data for storage and custom reports, which you can run by filtering the data. You can request reports to display advanced data relationships from raw data based on your unique questions. Data warehouse reports are emailed or sent via FTP, and may take up to 72 hours to process. Processing time depends on the complexity of the query and the amount of data requested.


Hello, everyone. In this video, we will demonstrate the steps to send data warehouse request via SFTP. Before proceeding, please make sure that Adobe Analytics IP addresses are added to your firewall’s allowed list. You can find the IP addresses used by Analytics on Next step is to obtain the authorized key file by contacting the customer care. This authorized key file should be placed in the .ssh folder within the root directory of the user you log in with. You can create the folder with the name SSH if it does not exist already. Now from within Analytics, go to Tools and select Data Warehouse from the dropdown menu. Configure the request as desired, and then click on Advanced Delivery Options. In the pop-up window, set report destination as FTP, and then specify the SFTP protocol site via port 22. Add the destination folder where you want the file to be placed in the folder field. Now enter your SFTP user name in the username field. Password is not required as the destination supports one factor authentication. So only the key and nothing else is needed to log in. Once done, click on send. Set the report file name and schedule when you want the report to be send, and click on Request Report. You will get a confirmation message for your request. You can check the status of your report in the request manager tab. Once completed, you can find the report file in the destination folder with the prescribed file name in form of a CSV file. Thank you for watching this video. -

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