Start A New Visit On Any Event in Virtual Report Suites

This video shows how to use events to trigger the beginning of a new visit in Adobe Analytics by using a Virtual Report Suite’s visit settings.


Hi, this is Trevor with Adobe analytics product management. I will show you new feature added to Virtual report suites. It allow you to change what a visit means, non-destructively, and apply that to all of your data including your attribution, your visit counts and even how segments work. And the new feature that we’ve added lets you have even more flexibility in how you define a visit. And that new feature is the ability to start a visit with an event. The use cases are: the people wanted to find their visits in a special way, like creating a new session every time someone starts over on the kiosk or if they have like a car in dash system or a ride sharing app for example. Sometimes you want actually start a visit with a trip start or through app that works on an airplane when flight goes. Some companies actually like to do start a visit when in a game when their character levels up. I want to show you a cool example of how this works. Basically all you have to do is drag in any metric you want. Drag in as many as you want and it will start a new visit on any of those events. I can actually come into reporting where I’m actually starting a visit with a video initiate and here I’ve got all of my video initiates and the number of visits that I had over the last 14 days. My visits numbers is really high compared to my video initiates. In start to completes, certain videos have a high number of initiates, but a lower number of completes. When I flip that over to my new Virtual report suite, where visit will start on an event, I can actually see some pretty cool changes. My visits actually line up pretty pretty closely to my video initiates because I’m now starting a visit whenever that video initiate hits and letting it last for a long time after that.

I can actually get a more accurate view of the completes that happened, because my video name is a visit expiration ivar. When I start that visit with a video initiate it will only give me the content completions for that visit. Instead of giving it to a subsequent video views that happen in the same session. You can see my content completes are actually a little bit lower than before because I now have a more accurate view of my data. That’s starting visits with an event new to VRS in Adobe analytics.

You can redefine the context of a visit in Adobe Analytics through custom timeout settings, ignoring background hits, or triggering a new visit on app launch. With this feature, we are extending this functionality to allow you to trigger a new visit on any combination of events, instead of only via an app launch.

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