Using the ‘Equals Any Of’ Operator in Segmentation

‘Equals any of’ and ‘Does not equal any of’ segment operators have been added to the segment builder. Use these operators to filter to a list of specific items, instead of using multiple OR statements or ‘Contains any of’. Using these operators instead of ‘contains any of’ will help improve query speed as well.


Hi, this is Jen Lasser with Adobe Analytics Product Management. In this video, I’m going to introduce the segment operator of Equals Any Of. Equals Any Of is an operator that will allow you to segment to a specific list of items within a particular dimension. In the past, if you wanted to segment to a list of items, you had a couple options. The first was you could create a segment that used lots of Or statements. While this type of segment would return the exact values you were looking for, so in this case a set of four pages, it was pretty cumbersome to build, especially if your list of items was long. The other option you had is to use the Contains Any Of operator. Contains Any Of is a space delimited operator that will search for the values you’ve input and return anything that matches any of the words in the list. So this operator would return the four values you were looking for, plus a lot of other pages as well.

With Equals Any Of, you can start to return the exact values you’re looking for in a list. So let’s open up the Contains Any Of segment, and we’re going to go ahead and change it to the new operator of Equals Any Of.

This operator is comma delimited, so we’ll just add in our commas to our input field, and we’ll give this a new name, and Save As.

Adding this segment over to our drop-down filter list, by holding shift, we can start to use this in our analysis, and notice that it’ll return the four values that we put in our input field and nothing else. And this is exactly what we wanted. The Equals Any Of criteria is much more performant than the Contains Any Of criteria, because it’s going out and searching for specific items, rather than trying to fuzzy match across all of your data. So definitely look for opportunities to move to the Equals Any Of criteria in some of your existing segments that you’ve built. -

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