Customer Tips for Continuing your Adobe Analytics Learning Journey

Last update: 2023-05-31
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In this article, meet three Adobe customers who have tips and tricks for you regarding how to get the most value from Adobe Analytics.

How to Continue your Adobe Analytics Learning Journey

Tips from Veteran Adobe Analytics Users

Jason Klapmeier
Global Analytics Capabilities Leader at 3M
Jason Klapmeier Keep learning, and you can do incredible things in Adobe Analytics
“To give you a taste of what you can look forward to as your expertise in Adobe Analytics grows, I want to walk you through some of the interesting features we’ve been able to leverage to maximize the capabilities of Adobe Analytics:

  • Creating complex segments
  • Defining our most important metrics
  • Creating our own engagement index
  • Venturing into predictive analytics”

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Jason Jamnik
Analytics Manager at Follett Corporation
Jason Klapmeier Here are the resources I used to become an expert at using Adobe Analytics
“Don’t stop at the basics! Now that you’ve mastered the fundamentals in Adobe Analytics, you’re ready to continue your learning and take on more and more complex use cases. Here are the resources I used, along with tips I tell new analysts when they join our team at Follett.”

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Sam Liss
Analytics Engineer at Equinox
Sam Liss Tips for transitioning to Adobe Analytics from another analytics product
“If you’re coming from another analytics platform, then you are about to embark into a world of more customizable governance, higher security, and a plethora of marketing and data platform integrations….I’ll walk you through how the Freeform Table and Flow Visualization are different from what you’ve experienced on other analytics platforms.”

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