Real-time reporting in Adobe Analytics

Learn about the Real-time report in Adobe Analytics, including how to configure it for your analysis.


Hi I’m Ben Gaines with Adobe Analytics product management, and in this video I want to show you some exciting new improvements that we’ve made to the real time report in Reports and Analytics in Adobe Analytics. I’ve got the real-time report open in front of me and if you’ve seen the real-time report before, you’ll notice that we’ve made some changes to the UI. I wanna walk through those real quick and then I’ll show you can configure the real-time report if you have not yet used it. So the first thing that we’ve done is previously we showed the metric that you have selected, but now in this top graph we’ve added a running percent-change versus the same day last week. So as I’m recording this, it’s a Thursday night, and so this is telling me that versus last Thursday night at the same time, I’m up at this point about two percent in my page views week over week. So a great comparison feature right there to help you understand in real-time how you’re trending versus your historical data.

We also have directly now on the graph, a trendline showing same day last week as well as same day last year, same 52 weeks ago in other words. So, we would be looking at the third Thursday in October last year.

I have no data for last year, this is a newer report suite so that’s why that pink line is all the way down there at the bottom on zero. We’ve also added a scale to the graph so that you can put the data in context and this just makes it easier for you to interpret your real-time data.

Down in the main table we’ve added a comparison column, showing page views or whatever metric you have selected for the current day, alongside page views for the time period you have selected in the real time report, in this case that’s 15 minutes.

The reason that this is great is that, say you have, lets take this top item, we have 58 page views. Now 58 page views in the last 15 minutes compared to 6200 for the day, tells me that, while this might be my top page in the last 15 minutes, it’s not really exploding, it’s not trending up significantly, because the last 15 minutes is just a tiny fraction of the day overall. Whereas if this number were, say, 3000, then that would tell me that I’ve got almost 50% of today’s page views just within the last 15 minutes, and that gives me a signal that this page, or whatever that dimension is in the real-time report, is really exploding and maybe I want to give it some attention on my site or in my app.

Those are the primary features in the real-time report that we’ve added with this most recent release in October 2015. If you haven’t configured the real-time report, you can come in here under View All Reports and go to Real Time, and if you haven’t configured it you’ll have a link right in there to set up the real-time report so that you can work with it. If you have set up part of it, or even if you haven’t, you can always click on Configure. If you’re an administrative user or an administrator, that will take you to the admin console, where you can choose your metric and your dimensions and you can of course build up to three of them, and then view that in real-time.

So hopefully you enjoy these new changes and we believe that they’ll make the real-time report and the data that you get out of this report much more valuable and actionable for all of your teams.

For more information, please visit the documentation.

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