Scheduled and Downloadable Projects in Analysis Workspace

Last update: 2023-03-27
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Analysis Workspace allows you to schedule and download projects to PDFs and CSVs. This video shows how you can schedule projects for future delivery to yourself or colleagues, as well as how you can download PDFs of projects you’re working on.


Hi. I’m Ben Gaines with Adobe Analytics product management. And, in this video I want to walk you through the new schedulable and downloadable projects in Analysis Workspace. Since the release of Analysis Workspace last year, this has been probably the number one most requested feature in Analysis Workspace, and we’re very excited to get it into your hands as of the spring 2016 Adobe Analytics release in April 2016. Here, I’ve got a very basic project loaded up in Analysis Workspace, and now I am ready to download it and/or schedule it to be delivered to myself or others on my team. Of course, I can still share it with them so that they can use it in the Adobe Analytics UI. But, if I just want to give them a copy, a PDF, for example, I can do that here. So, I’m going to start by downloading, and to do that I’m going to come in here to “more” and I’m going to go simply to “download as PDF”, or I can also hit “shift-command-b”.

Download those PDFs. I will go ahead and save my changes.

And now, my download has started. I have actually already downloaded this one, so, rather than wait the few seconds that it will take, I will show you what this looks like. So, here is a PDF export of that project that I was just looking at. I can see the report suite it was based on, the date that I ran the thing, and the dates of the project itself. You can see that the team has done an amazing job rendering Analysis Workspace in PDF format. So, it looks tremendous. It’s ready to be consumed and shared with others in your organization. So, I’m going to go back now, to back here, and now, let’s see what it looks like when I send this out for delivery. So, I’ve got two options here. As with downloading, I can send in CSP format, or I can send as a PDF. I’m going to choose to send as a PDF. I can add a description if I want to. One of the great things here is that I can choose from among the users in my company for delivery here. So, let’s add a few of my colleagues to this delivery. Okay. So, now I want to send them out. Now, if there’s someone who isn’t a user in my company and I still want to deliver something to them, I can do that just by typing in an email address and hitting “Enter”, and you’re all set. Okay. So, now I am set to create the schedule. I can determine a start date and even a start time, which is a new feature in the scheduler in Analysis Workspace. I can even go down to the minute to determine when I want this thing to actually go out, or to begin going out. I can send it as often as hourly or as rarely as yearly, potentially. And I can choose, if hourly, I can send it not just every hour, but every number of hours. So, for example, if I want to send something every four hours, I can do that there. And, I do have to choose an end date, which is again another new feature of the scheduler in Analysis Workspace. If I choose, regardless of the end date that I choose, I will be notified by email a month ahead of the end date, and I’ll be given the option of renewing the schedule, but I do have to choose an end date, which will sort of determine when I’m prompted to either allow the schedule to lapse or renew it. And once I’ve done that, I’m all set. I just hit “Send” on schedule, and I’m not actually going to do that at the moment, but if I did, these four people would receive a stunning PDF of this project in the intervals that I described. So, again, hopefully this makes it much easier for you to distribute Analysis Workspace projects in your organization, get others fired up about what you’re doing within Adobe Analytics, and allow your company to make better data-driven decisions as you go. -

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