Work with Dimensions in a Freeform Table

Learn all about working with dimensions in freeform tables, including adding them, sorting, filtering, breaking them down by other dimensions, etc.

Topics covered in the video, including times:

  • Basics (0:00)
  • Drop Zone Guides (1:27)
  • Pagination and Filtering (2:45)
  • Add Dimension Items (4:30)
  • Preview Dimension Items (5:15)
  • Time-based Dimensions (5:59)
  • Sorting (6:49)
  • Dimensions as Filters (8:30)
  • Breakdowns (9:48)
  • Ranked, Over Time, and Trended Reports (13:11)

This video is part of a course: Freeform Tables, the Foundation of Analysis, available for free on Experience League!

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