Metric data requirements for Naver tracking-only accounts

The following are the data requirements for Naver traffic and conversion metrics for tracking-only accounts.

Data files must be in TSV, CSV, or TXT format.

The following header fields are required and optional. Each data row must include a daily-aggregated value for at least one metric field.

Header Field/Column Name Type Description
Period DateTime The date for which the data applies, in the format YYYY.MM.DD. (such as 2019.11.15., with a period after the day).
Campaign Case-sensitive string The campaign name.
Adgroup (as one word) Case-sensitive string The ad group name.
Keyword Case-sensitive string (Keyword ads) The keyword that generated the ad.
[Metric] Integer (Optional) The number of [whatever the metric is measuring].

Standard metrics include Impressions, Cost, and Clicks. You can include any additional metrics you want from the ad network. Include each metric in a separate column.

  • The column header for Cost must be "Cost (KRW)."
  • To include Cost (KRW) for brand ads, manually divide the fixed monthly cost by day at the ad group level.
  • Remove all commas from standard metric values. For example, use 1000 instead of 1,000.
  • For null values, use 0.

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