Best practices for using publisher recommendations and insights with portfolios

Recommendation Type Description Auto-Apply Recommendations with Search, Social, & Commerce Portfolios? Comments
Ads and extensions (now called “Ads and assets” in Google Ads) Recommendations for adding/editing ads and assets Can be auto-applied, but advertisers should manually review recommendations. Reviewing recommendations is necessary to ensure that responsive search ads are aligned with advertiser requirements.
Automated campaigns Recommendations for automated campaigns (local and smart campaigns) Not available in Search, Social, & Commerce.
Bidding and budget Bid, budget, and target recommendations to improve performance Don’t auto-apply for campaigns in optimized portfolios. Current recommendations may be one-dimensional for your purposes. For example, Google Ads recommends an increase in target CPA, without concern for budget, when clicks decrease for a campaign.
Keywords and targeting Keyword cleanup and audience recommendations Can be auto-applied, but use auto-apply selectively. Use keyword cleanup and removal of redundancies across campaigns, but avoid further automation (such as auto-creating dynamic search ads or auto-expanding audiences).
Measurement Recommendations for conversion tracking and certification Not available in Search, Social, & Commerce. These recommendations may impact performance. Consult with your Adobe Account Team to discuss the pros and cons of any recommendation before applying it.
Repairs Miscellaneous recommendations to improve account issues Not available in Search, Social, & Commerce. Periodically manually review repair recommendations within Google Ads. This recommendation type is a good way to identify disapproved ads, feed issues, tracking problems, and so on.
Other Recommendation to use the Google Ads mobile app Not available in Search, Social, & Commerce.

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