Remove label classification values from account components

Last update: 2023-09-29
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Removing a classification value removes the association with the account component and all of its child components. Report data for the classification value is no longer available for those components. Removing a classification value doesn’t delete the value nor the account components.


To delete a value from a label classification, see “Delete label classification values.”

  1. In Search > Campaigns > Campaigns, select the entity view.

  2. Do either of the following:

    • (To remove values from a single entity) Hold the cursor over the entity name, click Menu button, and then select Classification.

    • (To remove values from one or more entities) Do the following:

      • Select the check box next to each row.

        For tips on selecting multiple rows, see “Select multiple rows.”

      • In the toolbar above the data table, click More, and then click Classification.

  3. In the Assignment Details, select Remove.

  4. For each classification value to remove, do the following:

    • In the Classification column, click the classification name to expand it.

    • In the Value Name column, click the name of the value to select it.

  5. (Optional) Enter additional details:

    • Next to Additional Details, click Open to expand the details.

    • Enter an optional Project Name and/or optional Description.

    • Click Save.

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