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Date Feature Description For More Information
27 October 2021 Implementation If your organization wants to switch from using the legacy Adobe Analytics visitorAPI.js library to the Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK library (alloy.js) for data collection, you’ll need to make some changes to enable ID stitching. See “Using the Last Event Service JavaScript Library with Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK.”
26 May 2021 Help The chapter “Analytics for Advertising Cloud” now includes a subchapter on “Working in Analytics Marketing Channels.” See: “Fundamentals of Marketing Channels,” “Using Advertising Cloud IDs to Create Analytics Marketing Channels Processing Rules,” “Using Analytics Marketing Channels with Advertising Cloud Data,” and “Why Channel Data Can Vary Between Advertising Cloud and Analytics Marketing Channels.”
26 May 2021 Help A link to all video tutorials about Analytics for Advertising Cloud was added. Video tutorials about Advertising Cloud integrations

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