About Private Inventory

Not available to users with the account types “Ad Network,” “Publisher Audience Extension,” and “Other”; advertisers with the category “Other”; and resellers

Advertisers looking beyond RTB can use private inventory to facilitate exclusive media transactions. Private exchanges allow publishers to create exclusive pools of inventory, which approved advertisers can use to buy via real-time platforms. A private exchange offers the confidence of a direct buy combined with programmatic benefits like efficiency, streamlined workflow, and centralized campaign analytics.

Ways to Set up Private Deals

Deal IDs

If you have direct relationships with publishers, you can streamline your media buying process and workflow by using your own private deals, with their negotiated inventory and pricing, in your Advertising Cloud DSP placements. DSP will integrate with all of your publishers when you set up an account. If you want access to additional publishers later, contact your Adobe account team to set up access.

All of your private deals with a deal ID are financed and invoiced by Adobe.

You can use deal IDs in either of the following ways:

  • (Optional feature that requires activation) From the Deal ID Inbox, you can review and quickly accept your agreed-upon, guaranteed and non-guaranteed private inventory deals from publishers on the following supply-side platforms (SSPs): FreeWheel, Google Authorized Buyers (formerly known as AdX), and Magnite DV+ (formerly Rubicon) from the Deal ID inbox.

    For more information, see “About the Deal ID Inbox.”

  • You can manually set up information about a private deal you’ve already negotiated.

You can use each private deal as a placement target for multiple campaigns across specified advertisers. For guaranteed deals, you must create a default placement after creating the deal, but you can add the same deal to additional placements to ignore the default placement.

Simple Ad Serving

Simple Ad Serving provides non-decisioned, guaranteed ad delivery and reporting for media served outside of Advertising Cloud DSP.

Each ad is served directly by the publisher, and DSP provides an event-tracking pixel to send to the publisher, who needs to implement the pixel and traffic the ads.

For more information, see “About Simple Ad Serving.”

The Deals View

In the Inventory > Deals view, you can create private deal settings. You can also list the placements and ads for any private deal, view a report for any private deal, or archive or unarchive any private deal.

For deal IDs, you can also edit the deal settings, attach placements and ads to a deal, edit the advertisers and accounts who can access a deal, and edit the attribute tags for a deal.

For simple ad serving deals, you can view the event-tracking pixels for a deal.

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