Accept a Deal in the Deal ID Inbox

Users in DSP Accounts that Are Mapped to SSP Accounts Only

  1. In the main menu, click Inventory > Deals.

  2. Above the list of Deals, click the blue bar to open the deal ID inbox.

  3. (Optional) To refresh the deal details, click Refresh.

    DSP automatically refreshes all deal details daily at 4:30 a.m. EST. It also refreshes all FreeWheel deals and updates existing deals from Google and Rubicon hourly.

  4. (If you previously ignored the deal) Click the Ignored Deals tab.

  5. To review and confirm the deal details, such as the publisher and dates, hold the cursor over the deal row and click Review.

  6. Do either of the following:

    • In the deal details, click Accept.
    • In the Deal ID inbox, hold the cursor over the deal row and click Accept.
  7. In the deal details:

    1. Complete the required information: Publisher, Media Type, and Deal Access (the advertisers who will have access to the deal).
    2. (Optional) Specify additional accounts with which to share the deal or attach labels to the deal record.
    3. Click Save.
  8. (Programmatic guaranteed deals only) Follow the prompts to create a default placement that targets the deal.

Once you accept a deal, it’s moved from the deal ID inbox to the Inventory > Deals view, and the deal is available as a private inventory source in each placement’s Inventory Targeting section.

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