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The following features are new or recently changed.

Date Feature Description For More Information
25 February 2020 Help Documentation about Analytics for Advertising Cloud, which integrates Adobe Analytics and Adobe Advertising Cloud, is available. For an overview of the integration, see “Overview of Analytics for Advertising Cloud.” For the full documentation, see the chapter on “Integrations with Adobe Experience Cloud” > “Analytics for Advertising Cloud.”
28 October 2020 New Help The legacy help was replaced with updated pages, which are available from the Help link in the DSP main menu and are also available at all times from https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/advertising-cloud/dsp/home.html.
Campaigns The previous Campaigns Beta views are now the default Campaigns views, for quicker insights, simplified workflows, and customized views.

The new Campaigns views include:
  • New navigation. You can view a list of all campaigns within your account. Within a campaign, you can filter data based on the campaign entity: Packages, Placements, and Ads.

    Campaign entity tabs
  • Data visualizations that allow you to compare up to three metrics.

    separate trend charts for three metrics
  • The ability to create and manage custom column views, with predefined Pacing and Performance views.

    column view selector
  • Upgraded search and filtering.

The legacy Campaigns Classic views are still available from the profile menu in the upper right. To open the Campaigns Classic views, click Switch to Campaigns Classic.

link to Campaigns Classic

To return to Campaigns Home, click Exit Classic.
See “About In-Platform Reports.”

See also “About the Campaign Data Views.”
Placements The option to include manual Bidding Rules was removed so that DSP optimization can do the work for you. All existing Max Bids based on recency are now automatically optimized.
To improve overall performance, you can no longer base dayparting on the viewer’s time zone. Instead, all dayparting is now based on the campaign’s time zone.​ See “Placement Settings.”
15 October 2020 Private Inventory All users can now set up and edit deal ID details using a new deal ID form, which is a simplified version of the legacy Smart Ad Serving form. To set up new deal ID details, go to Inventory > Deals, click Create, and then click Deal ID Beta. See “Manually Create Deal ID Details” and “Manual Deal ID Settings.”
Placement Forecasting For placements with placement-level pacing, the Forecast section of the placement settings includes a new Estimated Maximums section, which indicates how much more capacity is available with the current targeting configuration.
2 September 2020 Reports Any organization with multiple DSP accounts can optionally enable cross-account data in custom reports, according to the organization’s needs. See the “Cross-Account Reporting” section in “About Custom Reports.”

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