Filter Campaign Data

  1. In the main toolbar, click Filter button.
  2. For each filter you want to apply, click the filter name in the left column, and then specify the filter value(s).
  3. Click Apply.

Available Filters

The following filters are available for your Campaigns, Packages, and Placements views:

  • Campaigns view filters:
    • Campaign status
    • Advertiser
  • Packages view filters:
    • Custom flights (whether or not they exist)
    • Custom goal (if applicable)
    • End end date
    • Optimization goal
    • Pacing strategy
    • Package status
    • Start date
  • Placements view filters:
    • Custom ad scheduling
    • Custom goal (if applicable)
    • End date
    • Max bid (less than, greater than, or equal to a specified value)
    • Optimization goal
    • Pacing on (impressions or spend)
    • Pacing strategy
    • Package
    • Placement status
    • Placement type
    • Placement sub-type
    • Start date
    • Creation date
  • Ads view filters:
    • Adobe ad approval status
    • Ad ID
    • Ad name
    • Ad type
    • Creation date

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