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On february 8-9, 2021, Adobe Developers Live: Content brought together developers and experience builders with diverse backgrounds and a singular purpose – to create incredible end-to-end experiences.

This two-day conference featured important Adobe Experience Manager developer updates, such as Headless and GraphQL, Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service, technical sessions and community networking opportunities.

Connect with fellow devs and join the session conversations in Experience League Communities.


GraphQL with Content Fragments

Learn about the new headless capabilities with the most recent Content Fragment enhancements. The session focus is on the GraphQL API for AEM Cloud Service.

SPA Editor 2.0

Load your existing React or Angular SPA in the Page Editor and, with minimal intervention, enable authors to insert content that they edit in-context.

Rapid Frontend Development

Use Site Templates to create new sites in few clicks, and bring back the fun of frontend development with the rapid deployment of frontend assets like CSS & JS.

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