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PDP Dropin

Product Details Page (PDP) introduction

Product Details Page (PDP) dropin is designed to render detailed information about products and services, including SKUs, pricing, descriptions, and customizable options, with built-in support for internationalization and accessibility. This dropin is a key component of the e-commerce experience, providing users with essential product details and enabling them to make informed purchasing decisions.

The PDP dropin is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor its appearance and functionality to meet the specific needs of your brand and platform. By leveraging the dropin’s API functions and UI slots, developers can extend its capabilities and integrate it seamlessly with their existing systems. This flexibility enables brands to create a cohesive shopping experience that aligns with their unique brand identity and user experience goals.


Each of the following topics collectively provides a comprehensive guide to implementing, styling, and utilizing PDP dropins effectively within your e-commerce platform, aiming to enhance both the customer experience and administrative ease.


Installation outlines the step-by-step process for embedding the Product Details dropin into your site. This topic covers everything from basic setup requirements to more advanced configurations, ensuring that the dropin integrates seamlessly with your existing website architecture. It is designed for compatibility with modern web technologies, focusing on ease of use and flexibility for developers.


The styles topic show how to customize the appearance of PDP dropins using CSS. We provide guidelines and examples for applying styles to various components within the dropin. This customization allows brands to align the dropin’s look and feel with their overall design aesthetic, enhancing brand consistency across the platform.


PDP Containers discusses the structural elements of the Product Details dropin, specifically focusing on how the container manages and displays content. It includes information on configuration options and how to leverage these settings to customize the user experience. This guide is essential for understanding the foundational aspects of dropin management and deployment.


The PDP Slots documentation details the various UI slots available within the Product Details dropin. Each slot can be customized or replaced with alternative content, providing flexibility in how information is presented to the users. This topic includes diagrams and examples that describe the default UI controls and how they can be utilized or modified to fit different needs.


This topic introduces the API functions available in the Product Details dropin, such as getProductData and getRefinedProduct. These functions allow developers to retrieve and display detailed product information dynamically. Understanding these API functions is crucial for developers looking to extend the functionality of their PDP dropins or integrate them with other systems.