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Prepare for Launch

The launch of a new storefront can be an overwhelming and stressful process. If you don’t have a checklist, you’re likely to forget something. Our Go-Live Checklist is designed specifically to ensure a smooth and successful lauch of your Commerce + Edge Delivery Services storefront.


For complete documentation on Launching your storefront, visit the Launch section on the Adobe Experience Manager site or select the direct links below.

  1. Go Live Checklist: The go-live checklist is a summary of best practices to consider when launching a website.
  2. Push Invalidation: Automatically purge content on your production CDN, whenever an author publishes content changes.
  3. Cloudflare Worker Setup: Learn how to configure Cloudflare to deliver content.
  4. Akamai Setup: Discover how to use the Akamai Property Manager to configure a property to deliver content.
  5. Fastly Setup: This guide illustrates how to configure Fastly to deliver content.
  6. CloudFront Setup: Set up Amazon Web Services Cloudfront to deliver your AEM site with push invalidation.
  7. Bring your own DNS: A custom domain without having to set up a content delivery network.
  8. Redirects: You can intuitively manage redirects as a spreadsheet called redirects (or redirects.xlsx) in the root of your project folder.